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This version is suitable for use on desktops, tablets and smartphones.

Brand new - built from the pixels up, an eGuide using the latest technology - HTML5 / CSS 3 / App-Cache :-

  • FAST - very fast

  • EASY TO USE - navigation bar locked to top of screen allowing easy navigation across the eGuide

  • RESPONSIVE - use on your smartphone, tablet or desktop (or all 3) automatically adjusts to suit the device

  • ON and OFF-LINE ** - can be loaded into the cache of your device and will work offline even faster than on-line.

  • AUTOMATICALLY UPDATES - detects a web connection, and checks for updates

  • LOW OR NO DATA USE - minimise or eliminate data charges associated with use of the eGuide - works off-line seamlessly *

STILL NOT SURE ? TRY IT FOR FREE NOW - select the link below to try the demo version (on-line only).


* The eGuide only needs a web connection when the user requests an external site from a link - however the guide is functional without any connection. When on-line it will continue to use cached data for internal files instead of using data bandwidth.

** Users of iOS7 on the iPad4 and iPhone4S may be unable to load the off-line cache - we hope that this issue will be resolved with the next update to iOS7

Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 9 and 10 users - if the top navigation bar flows onto a second line obscuring the text below adjust the settingsin Internet Explorer - tools - advanced - to display small icons to resolve the issue.

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