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eGuide to Law

The eGuide combines our traffic and criminal guides into a single package which also contains links to or in some cases the fully amended internal versions of the various Acts, Regulations, Orders, EC regulations, Codes of Practice in fact almost everything to which the books refer.

Traffic Guide - A comprehensive but easily understood and practical guide to the law of the road complete with illustrations, easy to use tables, full index and table of contents. The guide is tried and tested and is everyday use throughout the UK by police officers, transport companies, VOSA inspectors, the armed forces, solicitors, barristers, magistrates, driving instructors and others with an interest in road traffic law.

Criminal Guide - Another practical guide to the criminal law containing a wide range of topics set out in a clear but information rich format with tables and a full index. Offences, penalties and powers are included making this one of the most complete guides available.

The eGuide uses the latest app-cache technology which allows it to be used both with and without an internet connection allowing its use in a wide range of environments.

Benefitting from high speed, low data bandwidth requirements and use on desktops, iPhones, iPads, android phones and tablets it can be used on a wide range of platforms and devices.

Rebuilt from the ground using the latest technology - HTML5 / CSS 3 / APP_Cache :-

  • FAST - very fast!

  • EASY TO USE - navigation bar locked to top of screen allowing easy navigation across the eGuide

  • RESPONSIVE - use on your smartphone, tablet or desktop (or all 3) automatically adjusts to suit the device

  • ON and OFF-LINE * ( see note below) - can be loaded into the application cache of your device (automated) and will work off-line even faster than on-line
  • LOW OR NO DATA USE - minimise or eliminate data charges associated with use of the eGuide - works off-line seamlessly *

STILL NOT SURE ? TRY IT FOR FREE NOW - Test it on your own device - select the link below to try the demo version (on-line only).

Version 2 of the eGuide is in development. Using Service Worker technology (which is in the process of being adopted as a web standard) it will allow for a seamless approach to off-line and on-line use on an even wider range of devices.


* The eGuide only needs a web connection when the user requests an external site from a link - however the guide is functional without any connection. When on-line it will continue to use cached data for internal files instead of using data bandwidth.

Suitable for use on a wide range of devices from desktop computers to tablets (including those with wifi only access) and smartphones.

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Minimum Requirements

This eGuide will work on older versions of browsers (IE v7 upwards) however in order to get the best out of the guide we recommend updating to one which fully supports HTML5. In order to take advantage of the app-caching features detailed above the following browser versions are the minimum required :-


  • Chrome v4.0
  • Firefox (Gecko) v3.5
  • Internet Explorer v10.0
  • Opera v10.6
  • Safari v4.0


  • Firefox v2.1
  • Mobile (Gecko)
  • IE Mobile - not supported
  • Opera Mobile v11.0
  • Safari Mobile v3.2

Known issues

Chrome for Desktops

  • There are no reported issues and the browser is extremely fast. To quickly view (and remove if required) the application cache, type in the following into the browser address bar :-


  • Firefox may misreport the on-line/off-line status.
  • If on starting a new session the user opens a page which is contained in a sub-folder (directly from a bookmark for example) Firefox will initially fail to render webfont icons displayed on that file. This affects the display of the navigation menu bar although the text renders correctly and all links function normally. After linking to a file at the top level - eg the Home Page - the issue resolves itself and thereafter the webfonts will display normally. The issue does not arise when the initial page viewed is in the top level of the site ie - the home page.

Windows 8 / Internet Explorer 9 and 10

  • If the top navigation bar flows onto a second line obscuring the text below adjust the settings in Internet Explorer - tools - advanced - to display small icons to resolve the issue.

Safari for iOS 7

  • iOS 6 Safari works ok. In iOS 7 many bugs have been introduced and one prevents the app-cache from loading - it gives an error message. Specifically known about iPad4 and iPhone 4S others may be affected (IPhone 5 and iPad3 seem ok). It seems it is an issue with these particular devices - there are no reported problems with any other devices - however there is a good work-around by downloading from the Appstore an app called Offline Pages Pro - you need the pro version at £6.99 - to download the whole site and use offline with periodic updating as well as the ability to prevent updating via 3g. Users can use this for any website they wish to use offline - (you can extend the functionality of the eGuide by downloading some of the external links used in the guide for later use offline) - tests shows good results. Users of devices not affected may also wish to consider using this App as a means of extending functionality of the eGuide

Chrome for iOS

  • App-cache will load normally but will fail to update and cannot be removed without uninstalling the app.