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Hughes Guides is closing after nearly 30 years of providing books and guides to the enforcement community in Great Britaian.
Our e-Guides are no longer available however the author has produced a new book.

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The printed book 'Traffic Law in England, Wales and Scotland' by K.Mark Hughes is now available on in paperback and hardback with black and white or colour versions.
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A comprehensive but easy to use guide to road traffic law in Great Britain.

Written in plain english the guide covers the wide range of traffic law related topics which form the basis of the course which all roads policing officers undergo as part of their specialised training. The 36 chapters cover subjects as diverse as abnormal loads, driving licences, driver's hours, manner of driving, speed limits, signs, pedestrian crossings and much more. The guide is now available to the general public as well as enforcement officers.

You can still contact us at - we will endeavour to reply to you as soon as possible.

Our e-guides are no longer for sale but remain available to our current subscribers until March 2024.