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Established for over 25 years we supply to enforcement agencies, transport companies, legal professionals and the general public throughout the UK and abroad.

Our Traffic Guides now include Coronovirus legislation including measures relating to Social Distancing and Gatherings for England, Wales and Scotland.

Hughes Guides publish up to date technical legal guides in web app format for :-

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for both on-line and off-line* use

Our Traffic guide is often referred to as “the bible” by front line traffic officers.

Our guides are used throughout the UK and abroad by organisations and individuals who require up to date information provided in a simple and quick to access format.

* Off-line use requires a browser which supports 'service worker' - see eGuides for further information.


Test it on your own desktop, tablet or smartphone
- select the link below to try the demo version.

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If you wish to test the offline capabilities you must have a browser which supports service workers - see next Page.
If your browser does not yet support service workers the guide will still function online.

Hughes Guides operate a paperless business.

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