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We are committed to making the eGuide accessible to all users, regardless of ability and we are striving to ensure that all pages in this guide comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 and Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) AAA standard as well as implementing framework strategies based on British Standard BS 8878: 2010

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Development of the eGuide has followed the main principles of these guidelines and we aim to make the structure, layout (including colours) and content:

This guide uses HTML5 structured code and CSS3 style sheets allowing users to use appropriate screen readers and non pointer based navigation. It is responsive in that it is suitable for use on a variety of screen sizes and devices from desktops to smart phones - interaction on smaller devices may be constrained by the operating systems.


Screen Readers

Role Attributes add further semantic information in support of WAI-ARIA, the Accessible Rich Internet Applications technical specification for making dynamic, interactive web content accessible to people with disabilities.


Colours have been chosen to maximise contrast ratios where possible to comply with WAI-AAA specifications to make it easier for those with visual impairment to access the guide. The colors are consistent throughout the eGuide and relate to those in our printed products enabling the user to navigate and determine the nature and provenance of the information presented in an intuitive manner.


Wherever possible we have complied with the style guides produced by The British Dyslexia Association and The Royal National Institute for the Blind (RNIB) particularly in respect of text, colours, accessibility and design.



Internal links

Internal links are between files which form part of the guide and will open in the same browser window replacing the source page.

Links displayed as icons in the Navigation Bar at the top of each page allow the user to navigate around the guide.

Internal text links in the text body are displayed in a different colour from the surrounding text and are followed by a link symbol.

Links which are 'in focus' or hovered over will display in a different colour.

Sample internal link.

The icon in the top navigation menu will take the user to the preceding page of the chapter or file (if available).

To return to the previously viewed page (which may be different) use the button in the navigation bar at the top of the screen (this is only displayed on certain pages) or otherwise the back button on the browser which behaves in the same way.

External Links

Text links to external sites are also displayed in a different colour from the surrounding text and are followed by a globe symbol.

Links which are 'in focus' or hovered over will display in a different colour.

Sample external link.

Selecting an external link will cause a new browser window to open.

To return to the guide close the new window (the back button on the browser, if available, will not function in the new page)

Image Links

Some images contain links - these may be internal or external - hover over the link to reveal the image or link description.

Link Override

It is possible for the user to override the way the links open - the methods vary according to the operating system and typically consist of holding down a key whilst selecting the link or holding down on the link on a touch screen device.



Compliance with UK Law

This guide has been designed from the ground up to make it simple to navigate and easy to read and by doing so we have taken into account the needs of users with a wide range of disabilities. As such we seek not only to comply with all the standards and guidelines listed above but also with the requirements of The Equality Act 2010, in particular section 20(6).

The use of this eGuide by Public Sector Organisations and other employers would satisfy the requirements imposed by the Equality Act 2010 in respect of their duties towards the public and their own employees.

Navigation Menu

Navigation Menus in the eGuide

The Home page contains links to :-

Elsewhere in the guide there is a horizontal menu bar at the top of each page. There are 6 items, each item consists of a web-font icon and a text description. The web-font icons will not be visible to screen readers :-


Navigating the site without using a mouse

The user can move around the page and access links using the 'Tab' key on the keyboard. To tab through the links in the opposite direction, key 'Shift+Tab'. Once a link is highlighted, key 'Enter' to follow the link.

Text size

You can increase the size of the text by using tools built into your browser.

Most modern operating systems and devices including tablets and smartphones incorporate accessibility features which allow users to additionally customise their use of the eGuide including changing the foreground and background colours.

Ongoing Development

We are always seeking to improve the accessibility of the website. If you have any difficulties using this site that you believe we could address please don’t hesitate to contact us by email at


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