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Ver 8.60 SW

Sale of Part Worn Tyres see Traffic Chapter 12 Page 11

Removal of references to Traffic Wardens , update of specific powers relating to PCSOs throughout the guide.

Drivers hours offences now extended to include offences committed throughout Europe and fixed penalties related to Community Driver Hours offences now includes offences committed within the preceding 28 days - see Traffic Chapter 15 pages 1 and 2

Exemptions to the requirements for Goods Vehicle Operators Licences updated to included new exemptions for certain electrically propelled vehicles and other alternative fuel vehicles - see Traffic Chapter 17 pages 1 and 2

Exemptions to the requirements for vehicle testing for certain electric vehicles which exceed 3500kg - these are now subject to Goods Vehicle Testing Traffic Chapter 24 page 2

Fixed penalties and financial penalty deposits updated - see Traffic Chapter 26 page 1
Traffic Chapter 26 page 11

Provisional licence holders allowed on motorways from 4/6/18 in dual control cars with an approved driving instructor - see Traffic Chapter 34 page 5 (England and Wales)
Traffic Chapter 34 page 5 (Scotland)

Penalty fare regulations on railways replaced - see Criminal Chapter 13 page 6

Depositing litter from vehicles - see Criminal Chapter 18 page 2

Police civilians - CSO, VSO, PSO, PVO - see Criminal Chapter 20


Ver 8.40

Licensing of vehicles Chapter 20 updated and Trade Licences Chapter 22 rewritten updating legislation and including greater detail now that certain forces have been given removal powers for untaxed vehicles.

See See Traffic Chapter 22


Ver 8.30

Drug Dealing Telecommunications Restriction Orders (DDTROs) - give civil courts the power to make an order which requires a communications provider to close down particular phone lines to prevent or restrict the use of communication devices in connection with drug dealing offences.
See Criminal Chapter 6 Page 8

No Entry Signs become specified signs for the purpose of Section 36 Road Traffic Act 1988 - see See Traffic Chapter 33 Page 2

The Environmental Offences (Fixed Penalties) (England) Regulations 2017 detail the amount of fixed penalty to be paid for various offences environmental offences including litter, graffiti and fly posting - See Criminal Chapter 25 Page 5

Mental Health (in force 10/12/2017) - Extension of powers to remove a person to a place of safety, no longer confined to public places but not extending to a persons home. Police Stations can no longer be used as a place of safety for children and may only be used as such for adults in circumstances where their behaviour presents an imminent risk of serious injury or death to that adult or to others.
Further requirements are also specified in respect of their treatment and welfare at the police station.
See Criminal Chapter 10 Page 1


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