Install or Update Cache

This eGuide has been developed using Application Cache (App-cache) technology to allow your device to run the guide off-line when a suitable internet connection is not available and when online to dramatically decrease load times and data usage.


The guide will run perfectly well without any cache being installed providing a network connection to the internet is maintained although speed is determined by the internet connection..


To enable this feature you must download the application cache to your device by selecting the link below.
A fast internet connection is required

Select this link to install or update the Application Cache (link disabled in demo version) appcache logo

This will load all resources to your computer or device (11mb) - once loaded no external network connections are made except when :-


Read more about the app-cache here.

Subsequent updates will be notified automatically. To prevent auto-updating ensure the device remains off-line when using the eGuide

Auto-updating is a function of the browser - we hope to modify this behaviour when the technology permits.

When using cache you are not viewing live data (even if you are on-line) except when linking to an external resource.
Refresh the page twice to ensure you are displaying the latest update.