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You have selected an External text link which will open a new window (as this link has done) and take you to associated text available on-line.


An internet connection is required to access this information.


We cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information provided and the site may not be suitable for use by small screen devices or by users of assistive technology.


Once finished with the material this new window can be closed and you can continue with the eGuide at the point at which you left off without using the browser back button to regain your position in the eGuide. Using the back button on the browser in this new window will not take the user back to the eGuide.


It is possible to override the way this link opens - ie : you can open it in the same window as you are browsing and the new file will replace the current page. Methods vary according to the platform on which you are browsing.


By contrast Internal links take the user to a new file within the eGuide in the same window - replacing the current page. To return to the original page use the back button on the browser to retrace your steps.


The Back button on the navigation menu at the top of each page of the eGuide will take you to the preceding page, not the last page viewed. (eg to page 2 from page 3). If the button is dimmed out or disappears when a pointer is hovered over the link then no such page is available - you are already viewing the first page of the chapter or series of documents.

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