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Suitable for use on a wide range of devices from desktop computers to tablets and smartphones.

eGuide to Law

eGuide on a tablet

Our eGuide to law combines our Traffic and Criminal guides into a single package which is easy to use and navigate and contains a wide range of topics applicable to England, Wales and Scotland* .

* Most traffic related legislation applies England, Wales and Scotland, there is also some Scotland specific legislation included.

Traffic Guide
A comprehensive but easily understood and practical guide to the law of the road complete with illustrations, easy to use tables, full index and table of contents.
The guide is tried and tested and is in everyday use throughout the UK by police officers, transport companies, DVSA inspectors, the armed forces, solicitors, barristers, magistrates, driving instructors and others with an interest in road traffic law.


Criminal Guide
Another practical guide to the criminal law containing a wide range of topics set out in a clear but information rich format with tables and a full index. Offences, penalties and powers are included making this one of the most complete guides available.
The guide is used throughout the England and Wales by front line police officers, police support officers and volunteers.

The eGuide uses 'service worker' - technology which allows it to be used both with and without an internet connection allowing its use in a wide range of environments.

eGuide on a smartphone

Benefitting from high speed, low data bandwidth requirements it can be used on a variety of platforms and devices including :-

on the majority of operating systems including :-

for both on-line and off-line** use

** Off-line use requires a browser which supports 'service worker' - see below.

A service worker is a script that a browser runs in the background, separate from a web page, opening the door to features that don't need a web page or user interaction.
The worker will automatically check if the browser supports the technology - see below - and, if it does, will load the eGuide into a service worker cache on your device (the cache is only around 12mB).
Once activated the service worker will fetch all the pages of the eGuide from the cache even when the device is still online thus reducing or eliminating network data use and providing a fast response either with or without an internet connection.
The worker ensures the guide is updated and will check and auto update, if required, in the background without any user intervention whenever there is an internet connection.
Service workers support is available in the latest version of the following browsers - Google Chrome, Chrome for Android, Mozilla Firefox, Samsung Internet, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari (OSX and iOS from version 11.3), UC Browser for Android, Android WebView. It is expected other mobile browsers will soon also be supporting the technology - see Is service worker ready?
If your browser does not yet support service workers the guide will still function online.

Built from the ground up using the latest technology - HTML5 / CSS 3 / Service Worker :-

STILL NOT SURE ? TRY IT FOR FREE NOW - Test it on your own device - select the link below to try the demo version.

eGuide Demo

If you wish to test the offline capabilities you must have a browser which supports serice worker - see above
If your browser does not yet support service workers the guide will still function online.

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